Environment services

Transport of special and hazardous waste, concrete-asbestos reclamation, management of urban waste dumping sites, civil and industrial cleaning out.

Il Consorzio di autotrasportatori Consar di Ravenna fornisce servizi ambientali: trasporto rifiuti speciali e pericolosi, bonifiche cemento, bonifiche amianto, gestione discariche rifiuti urbani, autospurghi civili e industriali

rifiuti specialiAuthorization complete with registration in the national environmental managers register no. BO1368 of 14/09/2017 cat. 1 cl. A, cat. 4 cl. A, cat. 5 cl. B

Availability of vehicles authorized for waste transportation:

  • 50 tilting sealed Euroliners
  • 50 tilting 4 axle sealed engines
  • 40 road trains and tilting engines
  • 25 crane trucks
  • 50 tank Euroliners
  • 10 vans
  • 40 container trucks and box trucks